Education and Professional Life:

  • Dr. Khizer Ahmed is a graduate of NIIT who worked with several known companies before starting his venture. However, after compromising on an undervalued job, he found his own niche and established Digifinite Solutions in 2015. Dr. Khizer Ahmed was offered a seat in MBBS, but IT was his call, and he does not regret pursuing the same. In 2020, he was honored with a Doctorate in Information Technology from St. Mother Theresa University. He believes in hiring only young minds, who are fresh graduates and training them for professionalism to face the outer world. With his determination, he has completed 100 plus projects and aiming for a higher target.

Ventures and Establishments:

Digifinite Solutions, which was started in 2015, is now a strong team of 90 plus young minds. Dr. Ahmed is the Trustee of Click Art, which started in June 2019 to educate Photography Professionals. Since 2015, he has collaborated with responsive and experimental design integrations with several responsive techniques and tools.

Beliefs and Virtues:

In one of his interviews, he has mentioned that Employees and the company are like another family and home where you can work together harmoniously. He always lights the atmosphere by joking around and engaging everyone in the office culture. He has said, "Religion is nothing but what you believe that gives you serenity." Despite being a Muslim, he opened his Bangalore headquarters with a Hindu Ritual Puja with the CFO A.B Yogeesh.

Future Plans And Goals:

Dr. Khizer aspires to grow Digifinite Solutions day by day for not just the company but the whole team and the employees. At this moment, Dr. Khizer Ahmed and his team are working together in developing a significant matrimonial application called Shubh Vivaah, which is set to launch this year. He is also set to launch a mathematics application for students of 9th and 10th, which is unnamed, and the launch date is yet to be announced.

Personal Social Media:

Dr. Khizer Ahmed is a very established name on social media and has also received the award of Best Social Media Influencer 2022. He recently celebrated a million followers on his personal Instagram account, @khizerahmedofficial . He is also active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


  • Your hobbies make you who are from inside. With a hectic schedule, hobbies can help you rejuvenate and enjoy your day. Dr. Khizer Ahmed enjoys recreating in his free time and exploring new habits.


“I have traveled to so many places that now I have forgotten the count. Be it for work or family purposes; it’s necessary to explore where you are. You get a better picture of things and come back afresh with better ideas.”

Social Media:

“For me, social media is not an addiction but a way to stay connected with my followers and team. I help several of my clients and small businesses gain recognition with my vast follower list. Also, it’s fun to make reels with trending songs, which gives me something extra and innovative for my account.”


“Writing has always helped me relieve my mind. I have been told my blogs and articles have inspired many small business owners to think wider. I often share my successes, failures, achievements, and challenges in my articles that have helped others and made me think ahead of the future.”

Brain Storming:

“Everybody can get stuck at some point, and I am no exception. So to get out of that phase, I sit with my team and discuss various topics where we exchange suggestions for a better understanding.”


“I have a doctorate in IT, and I have a knack for coding. I like developing applications, and coding is not just a money-making mechanism but also a stress buster for me.”

Taking Lessons:

“I like training individuals and my employees on any free day, which I hardly get. It helps me refresh my memory and also helps them to learn something new.”

Playing Chess:

“Chess is like a game of life for me. Every time I lose, I learn something new and get to know my opponent better. Because of this lesson, my team can freely come up to me and discuss their failures where I feel I am in a position to share my expertise with them.”


  • Indian Council for Technical Research and Development

    Dr. Khizer has successfully pursued the program and passed the examination. The assessment process has been offered by ICTRD India.

  • American Merit Council

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of Continuous Professional Development and has been awarded and appreciated in the field of Information Technology.

  • International Business Management Institute Berlin-Germany

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of Leadership And Team Development: program and is thereby certified as the Leader in the Team Development field.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of the program and is thereby certified as the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of the program and is thereby certified as the Technology Specialist.

  • Microsoft Corporation

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of the program and is thereby certified as the .NET Trainer.

  • Zee 5
    zee 5 award of excellence

    Dr. Khizer has successfully met all the requirements of the program and is awarded the title of expert by the zee 5 awards