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Dr. Khizer AhmedThe Most Influential Entrepreneur of India

Dr. Khizer Ahmed, a technology Specialist, a certified Microsoft professional developer, the most influential entrepreneur in India, and the founder and director of Digifinite Solutions, Bangalore, India. He is a self-driven and motivated personality keen to experiment with new technologies for a better user experience. He is both driven and self-motivated, and he is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. Dr. Khizer is a keen and passionate entrepreneur who aims to develop society on the whole, technically. He is very passionate about Web Development and strives to better himself as an entrepreneur and develop the community as a whole. Since 2015, he has collaborated with responsive and experimental design integrations with several responsive techniques and tools.

They say it’s easy to dream, but Dr Ahmed has turned his dream into a breathing reality by establishing his dream IT and Software company, Khizer Technologies, now known as Digifinite Solutions in 2015.
With branches in the most significant metropolitan cities, i.e., Kolkata, Delhi, Bhopal, and Bengaluru, he is one of the leading IT industry entrepreneurs. He is the founder of several applications available on the play store, including Digifinite Solutions applications, Digi Muzic, Brain Match, A to Z, So Cloudy, etc. One of his biggest launches, Chatbaaz, sold for millions in 2021 and is still creating buzz around.

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